Wat je niet mag missen over de iPhone 11

What you can't miss about the iPhone 11

The iPhone remains an excellent choice despite the arrival of newer models and is built for durability.
Waterbestendigheid van de Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Water resistance of the Apple Watch

Discover the water resistance ratings of different Apple Watch models and learn more about the water resistance of the Apple Watch
De nachtmodus van de Apple Watch: de ultieme toevoeging voor je horloge
Apple Watch

The night mode of the Apple Watch: the ultimate addition to your watch

Discover Night Mode on Apple Watch and learn how to use it to read the time without disturbing your sleep. Enhance your sleeping experience tonight!
Apple WWDC Event 2023: Alles wat Apple heeft aangekondigd

Apple WWDC Event 2023: Everything Apple announced

The most talked about event in the world of technology and innovation.
Apple Watch ontkoppelen: Hoe je de Apple Watch loskoppelt van je iPhone
Apple Watch

Unpair Apple Watch: How to unpair Apple Watch from your iPhone

Learn how to easily unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Discover simple steps for switching, troubleshooting and a fresh start. Manage your watch on your terms.
Apple Watch problemen? Resetten kan de oplossing zijn
Apple Watch

Apple Watch problems? Resetting may be the solution

Find out how to fix and troubleshoot your frozen Apple Watch by performing a reset. Also learn how to do a force restart if your Apple Watch is unresponsive.
Apple Watch uitzetten: Eenvoudige stappen voor het uitschakelen van je smartwatch
Apple Watch

Turn off Apple Watch: Simple steps on how to turn off your smartwatch

Learn how to turn off and turn on Apple Watch to restart Apple Watch or save battery.
Past een iPhone 12 hoesje op de nieuwe iPhone 13

Does an iPhone 12 case fit the new iPhone 13

Do you own the new iPhone 13 and are you curious whether the case of your iPhone 12 also fits on the iPhone 13? You're not the only one. In this article we answer this question and discuss the dim...
Apple Watch opladen: in 4 gemakkelijke stappen!
Apple Watch

Charge Apple Watch: in 4 easy steps!

With these four simple steps for charging the Apple Watch, you can ensure that you charge your Apple Watch safely and efficiently, which ensures a longer life.

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